Investment Services

The Williams Roth Group provides investors with assistance in acquisition and disposition of real estate product customized for the asset type, geographic coverage and property sector. We understand the magnitude of these decisions and how they can accelerate your financial portfolio. Whether you’re considering the sale or acquisition of a single asset or a large portfolio, we can assist you in valuing the property accordingly to ensure a deal is consummated.

1. Objectives

a. The first step in every transaction we undertake is to understand our clients’ objectives.

b. Where do you want to invest?

c. What type of yield do you want to achieve?

d. Do you want short term or long term hold?

e. What type of product do you like?

2. Acquisition

a. After we understand your objectives, we will put every transaction (on and off market) that fits your acquisition criteria in front of you. We will utilize our in
house financial modeling to determine which property is the best overall fit for your needs.

Once a property is chosen, we will begin a thorough evaluation of the current properties documentation (in place leases, future contracts, etc) to ensure no
issues arise in the future we are not aware of. We will assist in providing you with the necessary third party assistance involved in the due diligence process.

3. Disposition

a. Once the acquisition process has taken place and it comes time to dispose of the asset, we again want to revisit your objectives.

b. How do you want to place the proceeds?

c. What is your tax basis on the property?

d. Where are we in the real estate cycle?

e. What is the reasoning for disposing of the asset?

These questions need to be discussed in order to service our clients in the best manner possible. We create a specific marketing plan for each investment property. The goal of disposing the asset is to not only generate a market price, but to find the “right” buyer for the property and generate the highest return possible. Finding the right buyer is a product of an excellent marketing plan.

Once the buyer is located, our team handles all documentation and due diligence to ensure the sale is consummated.