Tenant/Buyer Representation

Evaluating a real estate portfolio can be a daunting task. There are many variables that require evaluation including occupancy costs, moving costs, construction costs, utility costs, labor costs, functionality, and knowledge of local government. The Williams Roth Group is your choice for a stress free, seamless, educated decision making process. We strive to understand our client’s business, their future goals, and then we collaborate to determine the best real estate related solution.

The many types of tenant related services we provide include relocations, consolidations, subleases, acquisitions, and dispositions. The Williams Roth Group uses a detailed, step by step plan to execute our goals.

A. Strategic Planning

1. Evaluate current situation

2. Develop critical path timeline

3. Identify objectives

4. Learn about the client

B. Market Analysis

1. Market overview and survey

2. Vacancy report, absorption, and trends

3. Lease and sale comparables

C. Financial Analysis

1. Renew vs. relocate

2. Lease vs. own

3. Alternative location cost comparison

D. Negotiations

1. Submittal of non-binding negotiations

2. Counter proposals

3. Meet with vendors (space planner, architect, contractor, etc.)

4. Contract review

5. Contract execution

E. Ongoing Services

1. Provide quarterly reports

2. Annual lease review

3. Sublease and buyout negotiations

4. Blend and extend renewal negotiations

Our goal is to change our clients perception of real estate as a cost and seeing it for what it really is…a profit center!